All new frameworks presented at WWDC23

All new frameworks presented at WWDC23

Updated: July 25th 2023 (Xcode 15 Beta 5)

WWDC23 kicked-off on June 5, 2023. The information in this article reflects the information published by Apple on that date.

New Frameworks

CinematicThe Cinematic framework enables you to add professional-level editing and playback features to movies, recorded with the Camera app’s Cinematic mode, to your apps. These are the same features used in applications such as Final Cut Pro, Photos, and iMovie. For example, this enables your apps to change focus distance and aperture in movies, creating a bokeh effect, even after recording.
Compositor ServicesCompositor Services lets you draw directly to the device’s displays using Metal and your own rendering engine. Use this framework to create a fully immersive scene in your app that doesn’t require integration with the person’s surroundings.
DockKitDockKit interfaces with articulating stands known as dock accessories to track the location of human faces and bodies that appear in video frames. It determines how to best position the camera to frame and track those subjects. This feature, known as system tracking, is useful for content creators who want the camera to follow them while they move around their space, or instructors on a video call who are walking around a classroom.
MediaExtensionThis framework provides a means for developers to create format readers and video decoders for media that the system doesn’t natively support.
ObservationObservation provides a robust, type-safe, and performant implementation of the observer design pattern in Swift. This pattern allows an observable object to maintain a list of observers and notify them of specific or general state changes. This has the advantages of not directly coupling objects together and allowing implicit distribution of updates across potential multiple observers.
SensitiveContentAnalysisThis framework enables an app to check content for nudity. In iOS and macOS, the Sensitive Content Warning user preference or Communication Safety parental control in Screen Time offer people the option to indicate their desire to guard against unexpected or unwanted exposure to images that contain nudity. Provide people with the experience they request in these settings by using SensitiveContentAnalysis to check for sensitive content before displaying it.
SwiftDataCombining Core Data’s proven persistence technology and Swift’s modern concurrency features, SwiftData enables you to add persistence to your app quickly, with minimal code and no external dependencies. Using modern language features like macros, SwiftData enables you to write code that is fast, efficient, and safe, enabling you to describe the entire model layer (or object graph) for your app. The framework handles storing the underlying model data, and optionally, syncing that data across multiple devices.
SymbolsThe Symbols framework provides access to symbol effects you can use to animate SF Symbols in your AppKit, UIKit, and SwiftUI apps.
TipKitUse TipKit to show contextual tips that highlight new, interesting, or unused features people haven’t discovered on their own yet.
WorkoutKitThe WorkoutKit framework provides models and utilities for creating and previewing workout compositions in your iOS and watchOS apps, and for syncing scheduled compositions to the Workout app

All of the frameworks are listed on my website You can use the built-in filter "All Beta frameworks".

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Some frameworks were announced during the WWDC23 State of the Union (e.g. TipKit) but were not initially included in the Beta delivery and respective documentation. But I added those as soon as they become available.

Update for Xcode 15 Beta 2:

Latest update occurred for Xcode 15 Beta 5.

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