All new frameworks presented at WWDC24

All new frameworks presented at WWDC24

WWDC24 kicked off on June 10, 2024. The information in this article reflects the information published by Apple on that date.

New Frameworks

AccessorySetupKitUse AccessorySetupKit to discover accessories with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, that you present to someone to configure. Your app can discover accessories using AccessorySetupKit without requesting global permission to use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or the local network.
ContactProviderUse the Contact Provider framework if your app manages its own contacts and wants to make them available in other apps that use the Contacts framework. This allows apps like Phone and Mail to provide personal names and images for incoming calls or messages when your app knows the caller or sender. Instead of adding contacts directly with the Contacts framework, your app provides read-only contact items that it can update, and which the person using the app can easily enable, disable, add, or remove. This allows the person to organize your app’s contact items separately from their personal contacts.
CoreHIDThe CoreHID framework facilitates interaction with human interface devices (HID), like a keyboard, mouse, or other device. Interactions include receiving data that a device generates, such as a key press or mouse click. CoreHID also allows sending requests to a device, such as a request to turn on an LED. You can also emulate a device connected to the system, such as a virtual game controller, and send input to other apps without physical hardware.
LockedCameraCaptureUse the LockedCameraCapture framework to create an extension that allows people to launch your app’s camera experience and capture content quickly when the device is locked. This extension makes your camera experience accessible to people from Control Center, the Lock Screen, or the Action button.
SynchronizationBuild synchronization constructs using low-level, primitive operations.
TabletopKitTabletopKit helps you create a spatial multiplayer game on a table surface for visionOS, where players join your game using SharePlay. TabletopKit provides support for designing your game, implementing rules, rendering effects, and syncing multiplayer game state.

All of the frameworks are listed on my website You can use the built-in filter "All Beta frameworks".

P.S.: There are also three new frameworks that do not fit in the existing platform categories:

I will look into how those can be listed on my website.

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