All new frameworks presented at WWDC22

All new frameworks presented at WWDC22

WWDC22 kicked-off on June 6, 2022. The information in this article reflect the information published by Apple on that date.

New Frameworks

App IntentsExtend your app’s custom functionality to support system-level services like Siri and the Shortcuts app.
AVRoutingDisplay custom destinations to stream media in the system route picker.
Background AssetsSchedule background downloads of large assets when your app installs, after the app updates, and periodically while the app remains on-device.
CarKeyAccess the remote keyless features of configured vehicles in the Wallet app.
Swift ChartsConstruct and customize charts on every Apple platform.
DeviceDiscoveryExtensionStream media to a third-party device that a user selects in a system menu.
DeviceDiscoveryUIDisplay an interface that lets users connect a tvOS app to a mobile device over the local network.
DistributedBuild distributed systems using the same semantics as local actors.
ExtensionFoundationCreate executable bundles to extend the functionality of other apps.
ExtensionKitCreate executable bundles to extend the functionality of other apps by presenting a user interface.
MetalFXBoost your Metal app’s performance by upscaling lower-resolution content to save GPU time.
Push to TalkDisplay the system user interface for your app’s Push to Talk services.
RegexBuilderUse an expressive domain-specific language to build regular expressions, for operations like searching and replacing in text.
RoomPlanCreate a 3D model of a room by interactively guiding people to scan their physical environment using a device’s camera.
Shared with YouSurface shared content and collaborate in your app.
SpatialCreate and manipulate 3D mathematical primitives.
WeatherKitDeliver weather conditions and alerts to your users.

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New Frameworks

Existing frameworks added to macOS

  • CallKit
  • HealthKit
  • VisionKit

Existing frameworks added to watchOS

  • AFVideo
  • AFKit
  • CallKit
  • Apple CryptoKit
  • DeviceCheck
  • LocalAuthentication
  • PhotoKit
  • ShazamKit
  • Sound Analysis

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