Confetti Animation in SwiftUI

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Confetti Animation in SwiftUI


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The open-source Swift package ConfettiSwiftUI lets you to create and customize confetti animations built with SwiftUI.

Default Animation

I am impressed by its ease of use and rich customization options.

You need to write three lines of code to apply a beautiful confetti animation for your SwiftUI view.

import ConfettiSwiftUI // 1. import package
import SwiftUI

struct ContentView: View {

    @State private var counter: Int = 0 // 2. define state variable

    var body: some View {
        Button("πŸŽ‰") {
            counter += 1
        .confettiCannon(counter: $counter) // 3. done => magic :)

You can trigger a new animation by changing an integer-based state variable. The ViewBuilder function .confettiCannon, an extension on View, does the rest.

A variety of function parameters allows you to configure the confetti animation, e.g. you can change the

  • amount of confetti
  • shapes and text
  • colors applied to the default shapes
  • radius and angles of the explosion
  • explosion repetition
  • duration between explosion repetitions

Probably my favorite option is to use emojis as text.

.confettiCannon(counter: $counter, num:1, confettis: [.text("πŸ’΅"), .text("πŸ’Ά"), .text("πŸ’·"), .text("πŸ’΄")], confettiSize: 30, repetitions: 50, repetitionInterval: 0.1)


ConfettiSwiftUI is a lovely, cross-platform utility package with no additional dependencies.

platforms: [

I recommend to explore the Demo App to make your desired animation or get inspired by one of the many examples.

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