Discover Active iOS Dev Blogs

Discover Active iOS Dev Blogs

The slightly different feed aggregator powered by the iOS Dev Directory


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A great source of iOS related development blogs is the iOS Dev Directory.

This open-source project, created by Dave Verwer, contains hundreds of development blogs in various languages.

My dear iOS bloggers: you can easily add your own blog to it :)

development blogs on

I personally was overwhelmed with the sheer amount of iOS Dev Blogs created by amazing people.

I wondered how many blogs are active, and I wanted to get an overview of the most recent blogs.

Hence I created

The list of blogs is sourced from the iOS Dev Directory. There are other feed aggregator sites which are powered by the iOS Dev Directory. But is a little bit different.

First and foremost: Each blog, written in the English language, will be listed only once with its most recent article.

This mechanism keeps the list relatively small as not all blog posts for all blogs are shown. It allows the curious person to see which blogs published their last article when. This hopefully makes it more likely that non-professional blogs (i.e. without full time commitment and publishing every day) can be discovered as those are not buried at the very end of the list.

Also stats are shown of how many blogs are listed in the iOS Dev Directory and how many are active in which timeframe. This might not be of interest for everyone. But if you like statistics like me .. you are welcome :)

You might prefer other sites like


as those cover also Youtube videos, podcasts and other sources.

You might like my site because of the reasons stated above or simply because it is open-source. The implementation and operation is quite interesting I believe due to it's no-frills.

  • I use GatsbyJS to generate this static site.
  • I use GitHub Pages to host this static site for free.
  • I use my very own command-line tool, written with Swift and also open-sourced, to get the latest posts from blogs listed on the iOS Dev Directory.

Every two hours the site gets refreshed by a scheduled GitHub workflow so the cost of operation is zero for me. The only cost I had was buying a domain name and that was optional.

Share if you like and if you have any suggestions to improve the site please let me know.


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