Mastering Hashnode Challenge #2Articles1Week

Mastering Hashnode Challenge #2Articles1Week

My positive personal experience

Who I am

Beginning of 2021 I joined Hashnode to write my blog. I am a full-time employee and therefore I am writing in my spare time to share my knowledge. Blogging is not only about self-promotion. It encourages me to learn new things and skills and forces me (in a positive way of thinking) to document my learnings.

Why to do the challenge

But all new things are hard. I can speak out of experience as I tried blogging before. It didn't work out.


Blogging did not become a habit. And that's what I ❤️ about the #2Articles1Week challenge:

The goal of this challenge is to encourage writers to define their writing goals, understand writing standards, become consistent at writing, and build their career.

Consistency is truly the key! It's like learning a new language. You can't learn it by doing reading chapter A in January and then starting chapter B in September.

Writing consistently plays a huge role in helping you become a better writer. It unlocks productivity, transforms perspective, and builds confidence. We believe your writing skill will improve tremendously after you’ve completed this challenge.

Master the challenge

The rules sound pretty simple but how did I master the challenge on my first attempt?

Badges to win

My secret recipe:

  • schedule time
  • write about stuff you already know about

Schedule time

I put aside 30-60min every other day to work on an article. I locked my home office room, silenced my phone and ignored my wife (sorry honey!).

Spreading the work on an article over two sessions allowed me to reflect, review and refine the final output.

Write about what you already know

Learning new stuff is exciting but the quick win is to write about stuff you already know. Nearly all my articles during the challenge are based on experience I gained on my job to fulfill a certain task.


The challenge really helps to keep you going! Try it 👍

And remember: if life throws you a curveball and you fail to maintain the streak, you can restart anytime! Don't be too hard on yourself.

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