Open your terminal from Xcode

Open your terminal from Xcode

Trigger a shell script with Xcode Behaviors to open your terminal


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Xcode is one of the few IDE's I know that does not have a "Open terminal" button. But you can leverage so called "Xcode Behaviors" to quickly launch your terminal.

Xcode Behaviors allows you to execute shell scripts from Xcode with a keyboard shortcut.

There is a nice selection of useful scripts on GitHub and the repo of Awesome-Xcode-Behaviors explains well on how to setup Xcode Behaviors with these scripts.

I use iTerm2 as a replacement for Terminal so I can use the script that I downloaded from GitHub.

UPDATE November 2022: I recommend using a different script that is optimized and works well for Xcode projects/workspaces as well as Swift Packages. I share open-iterm-from-xcode as a gist with you.

You need to make the script executable. Use chmod +x open-iterm-from-xcode in your terminal.

Setup iTerm in Xcode Behaviors

Launch a Xcode behavior

With a custom shortcut I can easily open the terminal now.

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Xcode behaviors can be further used to speed up your workflow, e.g.

  • Open the Issue Navigator for build failures
  • Open the Test Navigator for test failures
  • Start debugging in a new tab

If you are interested in more information, then read Speed up things with Xcode behaviors by Antoine van der Lee.