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In this blog post I will show you how to add a custom playground template in Xcode. In my example I'll add a SwiftUI View template as alternative to the predefined Single View template. If you are more interested on how to create a custom file template, e.g. to be used in an iOS application, then check out my other article "Create your custom SwiftUI file template in Xcode".

SwiftUI playground template is a custom one

The easiest way to create a new template is to copy and modify an existing template. But where are those stored? The storage location depends on the platform for which you want to create a new playground template.

Xcode provides predefined playground templates for two platforms:

  • iOS
  • macOS

Playground file templates for iOS are stored in the /Applications/ Templates/iOS/Playground folder.

Playground file templates for macOS are stored in the /Applications/ Templates/macOS/Playground folder.

Each template is a folder named with the extension xctemplate. I am gonna create a SwiftUI.xctemplate folder.

Then copy the following two files of an existing template:

  1. TemplateInfo.plist that contains meta data information about the template.
  2. ___FILEBASENAME___.playground which is actually a package and its contents can be accessed with "Show package contents"

The template files

The template name, visible in Xcode, can be adjusted in TemplateInfo.plist.

Change display template name in plist

The code you want to change/add is located in the Contents.swift file.

Contents.swift file

I am adding the following code so that my template will always create a dummy SwiftUI view and set it as the playground page's live view.

//: A SwiftUI based Playground for presenting user interface

import SwiftUI
import PlaygroundSupport

struct ContentView: View {
    var body: some View {
        Text("Hello World")


Here is the final result:

Final Result

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