My SwiftyTech 2022 Recap

My SwiftyTech 2022 Recap


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This blog post is a recap of my shared work and highlights past blog posts, open-source contributions, and other activities from which you may have benefited in 2022.

For me, this blog post is a reminder of all my accomplishments this year.


I was consistent with my writing and published 93 (!) Swift and iOS related articles on This is my 94th article :)

Quite some articles were featured in prominent newsletters like iOS Dev Weekly (10x), SwiftUI Weekly (10x) and SwiftLee Weekly (18x)

Nearly all of those newsletters will you find in my blog post about my favorite iOS and Swift newsletters.

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I probably had not more than 100 at the beginning of 2022.


I contributed quite a lot to other open-source projects. I am especially proud of creating a SwiftPM command plugin for SwiftFormat.

Some more contributions:

I also started new open-source projects and maintained existing ones.

Notable additions in 2022:


Past Easter weekend, I started to express my gratitude to developers and content creators. Nearly 20 profited from you. I hope my article is an inspiration and source of information for like-minded people who want to sponsor the iOS and Swift communities equally.


Unfortunately, SwiftHeroes and 360iDev rejected my speaker proposals but I had a blast appearing on a podcast to talk about Apple's Swift Package Manager.

I also enjoyed giving a presentation about Swift Attributes at the SF Swift Language Group Meetup. I would love to join for podcasts or meetups in the future!

At my day job, there is the occasional speaker/workshop opportunity which is mostly internal and confidential. Happy I was able to participate in SAP's public DevtoberFest initiative and share information about the company's mobile SDK for iOS.

Last but not least I organized my first workshop on try! Swift World.

Video Producing

Occasionally I create small YouTube videos to accompany my blog posts. Those receive only low view numbers (< 500). I prefer writing over creating videos but let me know if you would prefer more videos.

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